First I want to apologize for not posting twice a week like I had planned. I have been spending my time working feverishly on my next two books and since blogging is new to me, it just hasn’t been at the top of my list.  Since I obviously didn’t succeed at posting twice weekly, I will try to post each Thursday. 
     The good news is that I am making great progress.  Chuck and Laraine Chamberlain have been working many hours to compile a terrific index to my companion book, “Hear My Cry, Writings From My Soul”.  I’m almost done with the cover for that book, and hopefully it will be ready for the printer within the month—at least that is my goal.
    Now I want to address a comment others have made to me about my first book, “My Tears Fall Inside”.  This comment has been made to me personally—and not posted on my blog:

     “WHO did this to you?” 
     It was very important to me that my book have a non-critical tone.  As a result, I did not want to spend my energies accusing and debasing those who abused me in ritual abuse.  Another reason I did not point the finger is because satanists are so good at deception and brainwashing, that even though I have come to an acceptance of WHO did this to me, there is still a chance that I could have been deceived.  The fact is that those who hurt me are either dead by now, or too old to hurt anyone else. I will leave the final judgment to God and I am at peace with that decision.

     Now it is your turn.  Do you have any questions I can address next time?

     Ask away.